Wicks Hair

Wicks hair is a unique hairstyle of twisted dreadlocks which stands you out from the whole crowd. Mostly, people are not aware of its name but they have gone through it visually. Today, we’ll talk about it in detail including its origin, types, formation, and how it is cared for and maintained.

What is wicks hair: 

Wicks hair is popular hairstyling of dreadlocks in which dreads or locs (rope-like hairs ) are combined or twisted to create thick and dense locs. In the case of wicks hair, the locs are usually decreased to 6 to  10 wicks over a head. Wicks hair is also called dread wicks which stand straight up head at least 4  inches above the scalp.  

The name of wicks is adopted from the wick of the candle which erects straight up as the dread wicks.  While the simple locs are likely to be falling. 

From where wicks hair originated: 

Wicks hair is trending for the past few years but it has its origin long back in the Afro-Caribbean. Dread wicks originated from South Florida and they got their recognition when celebrities like Kodak Black showed off their wicks. Wicks styling is prevalent amongst African-Americans. In recent times, dread wicks are being acquired worldwide commonly by the hip hop community. Some religious references also relate it to locs-sisters of a particular tribe who were named dread and locs, respectively. 

How wicks differ from congos: 

Dreadlocks are divided into two categories. Congos and wicks. Both have got enough resemblance to get confused between wicks and congos. Here, you find it. 


  • Congos is a combination of two or more dreads from their roots appearing like spider legs. • Usually, goes 3 inches above the scalp. 
  • Smooth endings. 
  • More dreads are combined, the thicker it is. 


  • Twisting of 2 to 10 dreadlocks. together to stand straight up. 
  • Stands about 4-6 inches above the scalp. 
  • Blunt endings. 
  • Thick enough to create 6-10 wicks only all over the head. 

How the wicks are made:

To get wicks hair a person may go through any one of the following methods.

1. Crochet combined method:

The crochet method is the safest and most easy method to combine your dreadlocks. The dreads are fused together with crochet needles usually with two or more fangs. These needles keep the dreads fuse together and help them to grow properly.  

The crochet method provides us with a good professional look quickly and also ensures clean and healthy wicks hair. 

2. Rubber band combined method: 

The rubber band method is a bit of time taking method but it is a better option to add length to wicks hair. In this method, the dreads are fused together with the help of rubber bands across the length of the wick. These rubber bands are not removed until the locs are properly fused.  

You can check the locs after 3-4 weeks by removing rubber bands. If the dreads are not locked, you have to put back the rubber bands and wait for 2-3 weeks further. Keep sure the bands are of equal size. 

This combined method is a permanent way to get dreadlocks and leaves a creative design on locs.

3. Freeform combined method: 

Another method to get your wicks without using any technique is the freeform method. As the name shows, the hairs are set free. Hairs are allowed to grow freely until they start fusing together. 

Hairs are just washed and moisturized according to schedule. When the hairs are long enough,  you can separate and tie them to get dreadlocks according to your own thickness and size.  This method provides you full control of your wicks. Freeform is also beneficial if you don’t want to spend a lot of expenses on your wicks. 

4. Wick extensions:

The methods mentioned above are costly with respect to time and money. Even, you have to get long locs to get wicks hair. The wick extensions method comes with all solutions.  

For proper wicks hair, you need at least 6 inches long hair. If you can’t wait to get long locs,  you can simply apply for wick extensions. Wick extensions are artificial hair extensions that can aid you to get wicks of your desire with a real look.  

How wicks extensions are installed:

The attachment of extensions is quite simple. Firstly, the scalp is cleaned and oiled. The section of dread to be attached is selected. The section of natural hair and the loose end of extension are smoothened with a rat tail comb and fused like a sandwich. The crochet needle is used to fuse them properly by moving to and fro. Once, it is ready, the dreadlock is crocheted across the length. These steps are repeated for all remaining sections.

Advantages of wick extensions: 

  • Time-saving: 

Wick extensions are time-saving as wicks hair require locs long enough. So, you need not wait so much. You get wicks if any size. 

  • Saves money: 

Locs are very costly to maintain. It includes hair growth, locs formation, care, and maintenance. Usually, 5-6 inches dreadlocks cost about 300-400 dollars while the giant ones cost more. But extensions contribute to you with just one-time purchase expenses. 

  • Multiple styles: 

Wick extensions are of different transition styles. You can withstand your fashion quality with society. 

  • Easy to maintain: 

Dreadlocks are not easy to maintain. They require proper care. But extensions don’t require so many expenses as you get it already prepared. 

How are wicks hair cared for: 

The maintenance of wicks hair is not an easy task. Here are a few tips for care of dread wicks. • Wash the dreadlocks properly with chemical-free shampoo. 

  • Dry the dread wicks with a soft micro-fiber or hand drier to avoid hair breakage and frizz. A hot air blower should be avoided. 
  • Keep the scalp moisturized by oiling. 
  • The dread wicks should be uniform in size. 
  • Cover your hair in the dust to keep it clean and even at night with a scarf or satin.
  • • Hydrate the scalp with rose water or lightweight oil, 2-3 times a week. 
  • Keep the wicks tight with crochet or rubber bands.

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