Here we see a large number of people using biryani and pulao, the main ingredient of which is chapaval, the difference is the spices and the cooking method. Rice is such a powerful food that a person with a weak physical structure becomes energetic and if a person with a thick body eats it, who also does physical exertion, rice will make him strong. I am supportive.

If you do not do physical exertion after eating any food, it can lead to illness, obesity, blood pressure, digestive diseases, etc. The main reason is that the food should be consumed on a full stomach but not exercised. If meat is eaten and no exercise is done, it causes gout, and joint pain, similarly, if rice products are eaten and no exercise is done, obesity, rheumatism, flatulence, and loss of appetite, which is due to rheumatism. It is due to the reason. According to doctors, every food should be eaten but in moderation and exercise should be done in proportion to the amount of food. For example, if you eat when you are full, then exercise for two hours and exercise so much that you feel digested. If you have eaten so much that you are still hungry, moderate exercise is enough.

Then it is also observed that the big meal should be eaten when the sun begins to reach its peak and not at the time of sunset. Remember that the rise and fall of the sun are closely related to human metabolism. One of the many properties of rice is that if boiled and eaten, it produces a mild odor, but improves the inner surface of the stomach. If eaten cooked in ghee or oil, causes obesity, gas, and flatulence, unless proper spices are used. If eaten with milk and boiled rice, a small amount causes flatulence It fills the stomach, but produces fiber and induces sleep.

Some people have a fondness for chewing raw rice which leads to gallstones. Now it is important to remember that 90% of people have the problems mentioned above. Some people are not harmed, if considered, their environment protects them from many harms, for example, bathing in cold water in hot weather will make you feel refreshed, but bathing in cold water in cold weather will cause bones. And there is a risk of muscle pain. This example is exactly such that if a person eats food in indigestion, he suffers harm, while if he eats food in the state of hunger, it is beneficial. Similarly, some people get heartburn if they eat hot spices and some people cannot digest food without hot spices. In general, the food that one likes in health is beneficial for one health.

Benefits of rice:

  1. Softens the skin, it contains kola gin which is a skin protein. It grows in the presence of water and provides plenty of water to the body.
  2. Rice reduces the anger of hot-tempered people because hot-tempered people have more dryness and it refreshes by providing water.
  3. Beneficial for hair health, because it contains vitamin C, so the use of rice is very useful for making hair shiny.
  4. Reduces acidity.
  5. If crushed rice paddy is put on a deep wound, then the wound will heal, as long as there are no germs.
  6. Carrot is very beneficial for eye health.
  7. Eating rice keeps bones flexible.
  8. Beneficial for diarrhea patients as rice is slightly constipated.
  9. If meat is used with rice, it is a completely vegetarian diet.
  10. Consuming rice with potatoes or Sabri is a high-carb diet.

In which conditions is rice harmful?

  1. Rice should not be eaten during the rainy season.
  2. Patients with phlegm and delusions should eat rice more than twice a month.
  3. Patients suffering from bone problems should also avoid rice.
  4. Consuming rice at breakfast time causes sati and laziness.
  5. Consuming rice at night causes gas.
  6. Heart and lung patients should avoid the consumption of rice because their stomach becomes colder than the stomach of a healthy person. The reason is that the circulation of such men is light, so shoes can cause panic.
  7. Cholesterol patients are said to be on rice because such people do not exercise or if they do it very little.
  8. A joint patient is afraid of rice because joint disease is a sign of coldness and rice is harmful to these people due to its coldness.
  9. Diabetic patients should not eat rice because rice contains sugar in its ingredients and the use of carbohydrates in foods is prohibited for diabetic patients.
  10. In cold weather, the consumption of rice should not be reduced, because its consumption in cold weather causes a decrease in body heat.
  11. It is wrong to avoid people suffering from constipation and rheumatism from rice.
  12. People suffering from colds, flu, allergies, sore throats, diphtheria, smallpox, flu, and rash diseases are suffering from the effort.

How to improve rice?

After eating all the food, it is better to digest it with exercise. According to the opinion of a group of doctors, rice soaked in wheat water should be used after soaking for two hours. After the consumption of pulao, biryani, etc. Rice is improved with white cumin trigram. Some people drink cinnamon coffee before going to bed because rice is more restorative, while cumin and cinnamon are hot and dry. Is. In this way, the improvement of rice is done well and there is no damage, but remember that hot-tempered, hot-occupational people, for example, in hotels, treat the fodder caused by rice with four grains of black pepper. Remains useful, so that acidity and heat do not take place in the body.

Organisms found in rice:

Ash, Silica, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulfur, and Cobalt are three B. Ash and sulfur in these ingredients cause allergies.

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