intrauterine pregnancy


It is a combination of 3 words including intrauterine- pregnancy, which means all the growth and development happening within the uterine of pregnant women. The issue is that baby is too small to see.

And this happens when the mother is not sure about her conception date.

There are two major reasons:

  1.  The stage of pregnancy is too early and it needs more time to grow and to start heartbeat and this cause intrauterine pregnancy.
  2.  The other major reason is that the pregnancy and growth rate is not growing according to a normal pace, This happens when the size of the fetus is disturbed.

How to detect Intrauterine pregnancy:

The only way from which we can detect it is that when a pregnancy test came positive, Doctors do a transvaginal scan, In that scan, we can detect the intrauterine pregnancy if present. 

How to control Intrauterine pregnancy:

After a scan, if it finds another 2 scans will happen depending upon the size and condition of the pregnant women’s embryos. After scanning doctor will give instructions according to the checkup and test result and if the pregnant woman will follow all the steps she will recover soon. Doctors give different instructions after every case study according to the situation so women having issues should contact and follow the advice of the doctor. 

Reasons for intrauterine pregnancy:

There are the following reasons for intrauterine pregnancy.

Irregular chromosomes:

The first and foremost reason for intrauterine pregnancy. In more than half cases the only reason for miscarriage is the irregular growth of chromosomes. Because the irregular chromosomes that are growing are not related to even the mother or father. In the cases of intrauterine pregnancy, that kind of growth become the cause of miscarriage.

Embryo issue:

Another reason for intrauterine pregnancy is that the embryo never makes Wrong sets of embryos.

The formation of a child is due to the meeting of embryos, one from the mother and one from the father.

But in that kind of issue, both came from fathers and it causes miscarriage.


When diabetes becomes out of control in intrauterine pregnancy, then there is a chance of put in danger the health of children.

Blight (Spiol) Ovum:

After spiol of the embryo, the nerves never start forming. 

Maternal condition:

It could be a major reason for miscarriage and leads to the death of a child if there is a maternal medical condition is not stable. If the condition is normal then there could be chances of Survival.

Significant infection:

Another major reason for intrauterine pregnancy could be major infections like HIV, Malariaand toxoplasmosis create major issues and complications.

Disease in thyroid: 

This disease disturbs the hormone level and with perfect the development of the embryo. Development issues cause intrauterine pregnancy failure.

The problem in the uterine:

There are a lot of issues that cause weakness of tissues and abnormality In the Autres cause miscarriage and failure of intrauterine pregnancy failure.

Age factor:

More age causes more issues in pregnancy. A younger lady has more chances to grow up healthy pregnancy, while women more than the age of 40 have more chances of miscarriage and at age of 45 women have higher chances to face miscarriages due to intrauterine pregnancy.

Miscarriages in past:

If a woman has faced more than two miscarriages in past she has more chances of intrauterine pregnancy failure than a woman do not have a history of miscarriages. If a woman has an issue she needs more care as compared to other women who do not have issues like that in past.

Usage of drugs:

Drugs like smoking and alcohol became major causes of miscarriages in intrauterine pregnancy. So If a pregnant lady is addicted she should avoid it to reduce the chances of miscarriage.

Weight issues:

There are two kinds of issues in weight, if a lady is overweight or underweight both are issues in intrauterine pregnancy. So a pregnant lady should have a balanced weight to grow her child properly. 

Major misconceptions:

There are the following major misconceptions.

Sexual intercourse increases the chances of pregnancy, But if the intercourse part is protected then there is no issue.

If a woman is active she can exercise, There will no issue, But she should avoid exercising hard.

If your work is free from chemicals you can work during pregnancy there will be no issues.

How women can decrease the chances of intrauterine pregnancy failure:

There are the following points to do that.

  1.  Pregnant women should take a perfect meal including fresh fruits and vegetables, so her body can avail proper calories.
  2.  Pregnant ladies should avoid taking drugs to avoid intrauterine pregnancy failure.
  3.  Women should maintain their weight, She should not be overweight or have less weight s, So women should maintain their weight to decrease the chances of intrauterine pregnancy failure.
  4. Perform APS (test) before pregnancy, so if any abnormality is shown in the initial tests. Then women can care for her to avoid intrauterine pregnancy failure.
  5.  Once women find her pregnancy tests normal, She should contact the doctor with the tests, So a doctor can treat her with proper medicine and can refer her to a balanced diet or if she has any issue doctor can cure them in the early stages to avoid complications and intrauterine pregnancy failure.
  6.  The major and vital sign of intrauterine pregnancy failure is vaginal bleeding, If women face any issue of that kind she should seek medical  aid As soon As possible, So she can remain safe from any major mishap

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